Speed Blond Conditioner 250ml



The Inoar Speed Blond Conditioner is the Activator – Leave on for 3 minutes

Hydrate and revitalize the natural hair colour

Corrects the hair tone and avoids decolouration

Provide intense shine, flexibility, and softness.

Sulphate free, which makes your colour last longer

Unlike other purple shampoos, it does not damage or dry out the hair

It acts progressively intoning the hair. It instantly corrects the yellow tone in blonde/highlighted hair. Infused with active antioxidants and ARGAN OIL, this product has a balanced pH.

Avoids discoloration; offering intense shine, flexibility, and softness to hair.

Types of Hair: Blond, bleached and gray hair

Active Ingredients: Argan oil, Centaurea cyanus – Cornflower, Azulene – Active ingredient in Chamomile oil, Rosemary extract.

Application instructions: Apply Absolut Speed Blond Conditioner to damp hair. Distribute evenly by massaging strand for strand. Leave on for 3 to 5 min. Rinse thoroughly.

**The more intense toning you want on the blond/grey hair, the longer you will leave the conditioner on the hair.



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