Argan Oil Thermoliss Anti-Frizz Styling Balm 240ml


Smooth Sleek Frizz Free Hair Days with INOAR Argan oil Thermoliss Range!

Don’t have time to blow dry your hair in the morning?? OR to have an amazingly smooth, healthy, shiny look without FRIZZ?

Have FRIZZ FREE days with the ultimate “Smooth operator” Range! Have beautiful soft and sleek hair in SECONDS!

Besides crunching the time of styling your hair beautifully, it also protects the hair from the Heat of the dryer or iron. No more damage to your hair!

Thanks to its end-reactive action, the Thermoliss creates a protective layer around the cuticles while locking in moisture right away and eliminating frizz at the same time.

The more you use it – the smoother the hair will get.

Get your Thermoliss Range today!! And say BYE BYE to Frizz!!

Types of Hair: Unruly & Frizzy Hair

Active Ingredients: Argan Oil; Vegetable Keratin & Amino Acids; Pro-Vitamin B5/D-Panthenol

Application Instructions: Towel Dry hair, and apply the Thermoliss Anti-frizz Styling balm, strand for strand.